Style Two

The Helper

Style Two is emphatically about people. Their primary concern is giving and getting love, their life's focus is on the needs of other people, often ignoring their own.

When they are healthy, they are altruistic, giving without counting the cost. They have an advanced ability to know what the people they love need and spend a great deal of effort and energy to meet those needs. The model of Christian sainthood is implicitly a healthy Two. They do whatever they do in the name of love. They are the helpers of the world and understand that all people are brothers and sisters.

As they get less healthy, they do less noble things still in the name of love. They give, but the gift is an investment their loved ones better return - or else. They become possessive and co-dependent. Instead of being a behind-the-scenes helper, they become pushy and demanding, ultimately they can become stalkers. Stage mothers and people who flock around powerful people to live vicariously through them are often unhealthy Twos.

Twos you may know: Nancy Reagan, Monica Lewinski, Leona Helmsly, Barbara Bush, Alan Alda, John Travolta, Madonna, Mr. Rogers.