Art of Coaching

An Enneagram coach helps you by surfacing and then releasing you from the emotional and behavior patterns that keep you stuck. When we are stuck it is frequently because we are overusing or misusing our dominant energy or our habitual responses are rigid and unproductive.

Clients come to an Enneagram-trained coach when they are aware they are somehow defeating themselves. For example, they know they should focus but they find themselves distracted and scattered. They know they should be organized, but they live with chaos. They know they should make phone calls but they do everything but pick up the phone. They know they don't listen but can't seem to bring themselves to pay the attention required.

Many people use an Enneagram coach to learn to deal with someone else's Enneagram style. If you are a manager and you are baffled by what appears to you to be irrational or irritating behavior, an Enneagram coach can help you. When a friend or spouse or manager or employee does things that hurt you or your organization, an understanding of their inner motives, triggers, preferences and avoidances can be as big help. You don't motivate a style Six the way you do a style Eight!

Advanced training for coaches

I currently coach several coaches who finding it highly effective to integrate the Enneagram into their coaching practice.. A Five should not try to coach in the same way a Seven or Three would. You have some pronounced strengths to exploit and some good ideas that you personally should not implement. (A 2007 book, Never Eat Alone is a wonderful book on how to network. Every Two should read it. The author is a vivid Two. If you're a Five, this book will be discouraging and probably toxic.)