Nine Styles at a Glance


Ones search for what is wrong and how to fix it. When stuck, they are rigid, moralistic and angry. When free, they are supremely moral, compassionate and reliable. Their life is about goodness: its absence or presence.


Twos are quintessential people persons. When stuck, they manipulate others by giving in order to meet their own needs. When free, they are generous, have deep insight into people and give from a sense of inner fullness.


Threes are performers. Performance has a double meaning: to accomplish something and do something so others can see you. Threes do both. When stuck, they lack an inner life and do what the environment expects. When free, they rise to excellence from their own resources.


Fours live indoors, within themselves. When stuck, they wallow in feelings of depression or melancholy. When free, they become highly creative and are able to accomplish highly individual feats in the outer world.


Fives live mostly in their head. When they are stuck, they don't interact with external reality, choosing fantasy or abstract speculation. When free, they are objective, observant and cool headed in their dealings with the world.


Sixes assume the world is a dangerous place. When stuck, they are frozen, powerless and suspicious of every broken twig. When free, they are courageous, loyal and excellent problem-solvers.



Sevens are young at heart. When stuck they are childish: seeking pleasure, entertainment and novelty. Perpetual sophomores. When free they are child-like: spontaneous, energetic and optimistic.


Eights are powerhouses. When stuck they are bullies, loud and looking for revenge on an unfair world. When they are free, their enormous energy is harnessed in the service of justice.



Nines are humble to a fault. When they are stuck they are indifferent to their own needs, accommodating everyone else's agenda and asleep to their own. When they are free, they are cooperative, appreciative and claim their considerable power.