Style Three

The Performer

Threes have their eyes on the goal. These are people who love success and inwardly fear failure. They do whatever it takes to succeed.

Healthy Threes are hard working, ambitious, highly successful, charismatic, fast learners, efficient, productive and they make the business world go round. They will do whatever they are asked, their work is exemplary, often extraordinary, and they are usually found on the fast track and in high places. They set and meet goals with a flourish and they energize any group or staff.

If they become unhealthy they slip from being a success to appearing to be successful. This may entail some cutting of corners, viewing failures merely as learning experiences, telling the story with a few adjustments. Threes may take credit for others' work, hog the spotlight and over identify with their roles. They may also see themselves as an efficient machine and take little time for emotional and spiritual realities.

Threes you may know: Tom Cruise, Ken Lay, Arnold Swarzenegger, Demi Moore, Truman Capote, Cindy Crawford, Johnnie Cochran, O. J.Simpson, The CEO's of half the corporations in America, Oliver North, Sharon Stone, Anne Coulter, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods.