The Enneagram and Coaching

What is the Enneagram?

The fundamental premise of the Enneagram is that each of us have one dominant (not exclusive) energy that drives us in everything we do. This dominant energy is our greatest gift so we use it too much and it becomes our chief fault - or sin. This energy, like a prevailing wind that bends a tree permanently, sculpts our inner terrain and shapes our entire life.

The Enneagram map depicts what model of the universe each of nine different kinds of people have. This map, like all maps, describes some things and leaves out others. It characterizes the thoughts we think all day, it calibrates the energy levels we have for some things and lesser energies we have for other things. The Enneagram portrays our biggest problem in life and our greatest gift, and remarkably they are the same.

An Enneagram coach - who knows this terrain - can help you navigate into new areas of personal freedom.

Are you new to the Enneagram?

If you are new to the Enneagram, take the test. It is only probably right - an Enneagram style is a blind spot - I, go so far as to call it a trance. Blind spots are, by definition, hard to discern. But do get your probable number, then go The Nine Styles and read several essays on your style. If it doesn't fit, then try the number on either side. Or answer the questions as if you were 20 years old.

If you know the Enneagram slightly, read up on your style (or the style of your best friend to help you cope) in Nine Styles. If you're a bit weary of your style, then go to Coaching Services and/or More to Explore. These locations will explain some of the dynamics of every style. Our Enneagram style is patterned perceptions, responses and behaviors, so a coach can help you at any of those points. If you think you're seeing things too negative (perception), or you worry constantly (responses) or you can't control your road rage (behavior), coaching can help. A common request is help when one feels "stuck." Our Enneagram style is energetically repetitive and if you're in a hole, you may need help to stop digging.

There are many ways to learn about the Enneagram and here are some I recommend.

I also do a lot of meta-coaching: I help coaches when they have challenging clients. Here's how to contact me.