Coaching Services

Discovery and Progress for Individuals and Coaches

Individual Coaching

What is your style? And how is that working for you? Consider coaching to get the perspectives you need to move forward.

We'll uncover the discrepancy between your good intentions and where your focus and energy have been actually going. You'll learn to you you use your style more as a tool, instead of it using you.


I assist coaches in learning to zero in on a client's style, and also in determining strategies - using the Enneagram - to align clients with their goals.

Spiritual Direction

Related but different is the work with spiritual direction. I am a former priest and have advanced degrees in theology past the usual ordination. If you'd like spiritual direction, please call. Spiritual direction is usually over a longer period of time so has a different fee structure. The Enneagram was probably first used as a spiritual direction tool, so the application is seamless.