Finding your Enneagram style

Free Style Test

If you are new to the Enneagram and are curious about your number, you have a number of options to discern it.

You can read the type descriptions of the styles on my website here. They are fairly detailed and give three descriptions that correlate with the subtypes a distinction that is important but not crucial to find your style.

If that is too much reading, you can take a brief free test at or their longer, more reliable test that will cost you a few dollars.

If you want me to tell you your number, respond to these 12 Symbolic Questions and Ill tell you what number(s) to read up on.

After you read up on your style and want to go further, I can help. If you want coaching on how to deal with your style (when we get in our own way, it is usually according to our Enneagram patterns), I will charge you $100 to go through your questions, clarify what Enneagram patterns might be giving you trouble and what patterns will be resourceful. This takes at least an hour.

Call me at 913.766.3610 or email me at and we will set up a time to talk.