Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction differs from coaching in that you may not have a specific problem you want to solve or your concern might be around prayer or a scriptural teaching. Whatever your denominational background, it can be both a source of pain (fundamentalism, rigid beliefs you no longer hold but canít replace, anger against a church or tradition) and a resource (the wisdom of the disciplines of the religious orders, the power of symbols, the parables of Jesus, the meditation practices of Buddhism).

Although spiritual coaching encompasses more than the Enneagram; the Enneagram has spiritual roots and insights. The Enneagram is non denominational but it was developed primarily as a spiritual direction tool in the early years of Christianity. Itís origins are in the Middle East, using disciplines we no longer understand but contribute to our tradition. The library at Alexandria was destroyed so we only know the contributions of the great masters like Origen, Basil, Pythagoras, Evagrius and others like the priests of Egypt and Babylon through the Christian tradition.

I was a priest for seven years and trained under the Benedictines at St. Johnís in Collegeville. I was privileged to receive a sophisticated training in scripture which I used to serve the mainline Catholic and Protestant traditions with Credence Cassettes. I offer spiritual direction at a much lower cost because the understanding is that it is long term and isnít any kind of investment to get your money back. Weíll negotiate that individually.