Style Nine

The Peacemaker

Nines' anger differs dramatically from the anger of an Eight. They turn their anger inward and tamp it down. Nines delete their own agenda to be a peacemaker. When they are healthy, they are serene, peaceful, gently assertive, great group leaders and solid friends. Nines have no hard edges and are often extremely popular - and fun to tease because they are so easy-going. They assert themselves without ruffling anyone's feathers and are often able to get everyone to work together.

But if they become unhealthy, their inner self goes to sleep. They put themselves to sleep with food, sex, drugs or television. They can easily become couch potatoes. They develop an inner grief at an unlived life because they merge with someone else's agenda and don't assert themselves.

Nines you may know: Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama, Cal Ripkin, Gloria Steinem, Dan Quayle, Loni Anderson, Yogi Berra, Sandra Bullock, Kevin Costner, the Dalai Lama.