Style Seven

The Enthusiast

Sevens are the eternal children of the Enneagram. They can have the healthy side: exuberance, joy, energy, optimism, creativity and curiosity. They are natural storytellers, entrepreneurs, animators and cheerleaders. When healthy they are the Renaissance people, displaying a wide range of interests and competencies. They are hard to keep down. They are resilient and resourceful.

But as they get unhealthy, they become childish instead of childlike. They don't control their appetites; they are easily addicted to pleasures of all kinds: sugar, alcohol, sex, excitement, novelty and variety. They don't stick to anything very long and can become fickle in relationships. They become trapped in a routine of change and end up with what they hate most -- boredom.

Sevens you may know: Robin Williams, Mozart, Barbra Streisand, John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush III, Richard Feynman, the physicist, Jay Leno, Babe Ruth, Magic Johnson and sportscaster Dick Vitale.