Personal Best

Break the unconscious patterns

Studying the Enneagram for the sake of innocent rational pleasure is not quite enough for me. I want to use it to help people make changes they would like to make but have difficulty doing so.

Obesity is a national epidemic. Our food sources no longer nourish, the advertising media deceive us and our sedentary, high-stress life-styles are fattening. I know. The game is not fair. But we also defeat ourselves by eating the wrong foods for the wrong reasons and when we do we eat, predictably, for reasons rooted in our Enneagram style. We cooperate in our bulging decay. I'd like to help you deal with that in some small way. Will-power doesn't work; reliance on it usually just produces guilt.

You are the only one who can make the lifestyle and eating changes that will keep you healthy. That's where the Enneagram comes in, especially with an Enneagram coach. You can get help breaking the unconscious eating patterns that have blocked your good resolutions in the past. As a bonus, I've also found a lot of information on nutrition and the politics of obesity that will be helpful.