Style Eight

The Challenger

Eights have a preoccupation with power. When they are healthy, they are natural leaders, protectors of the weak and filled with a gusto for life. They are in the forefront of fights for justice; they are fierce friends and loyal comrades. You can count on them to the bitter end. They see life as a battlefield and those are the virtues of a good soldier. Healthy Eights are honest, direct, touchingly gentle with the weak and often display an unguarded innocence, especially in a context of nature.

When Eights become unhealthy, their energy changes. They become more vengeful instead of seeking justice. They pump up their power and can't acknowledge vulnerability. Their war metaphor for life leads them to think in black and white, dividing the world into us and them. They attack to see how strong you are and they are without mercy in battle.

Eights you may know: Mike Tyson, Rush Limbaugh, John Wayne, F. Lee Bailey, Bob Dole, Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Saddam Hussein, Grace Slick and Debra Winger.