Fees and Terms:

I have been using the Enneagram as a coach for many years. It is uncommonly effective because we get past presenting problems to deeper issues quite quickly. The presenting problem is usually solved, but we also release some of the habits that created the problem. I frequently coach clients for only three or four sessions. They usually don't need more than that.

I charge $120 an hour to coach by phone. You may not have tried phone coaching, so call me at 913.406.7465 and find out about how I can help you specifically and if we would be a fit. Then you decide if you would like to continue with a coaching session. You will probably be able to tell whether further coaching is desirable. I live in Kansas, so call between 8am and 8pm CST.


I've written a book with Dr. Mary Bast, Out of the Box: Coaching with the Enneagram. I created the first successful Enneagram newsletter and edited it for eight years. I've written three other books and cut a CD of songs on the Enneagram, I've been invited to speak three times at the International IEA convention. I have several MA degrees and have given seminars throughout the US and Canada for 15 years. Before I taught the Enneagram I worked in corporate America for 22 years as director of Credence Cassettes, the largest distributor of audio cassettes in the mainline Catholic and Protestant traditions.

I dwell on the eastern edge of Kansas. (GMT is -6)

Clarence Thomson